The West 18th Street Fashion Show returns to the metro with featured Dubai designer Zaid Farouki


Models Eva Von Schlemmer and Devin Olson pose in designs by Craig Rohner and Zaid Farouki. // Photo by Chadwick Christopher

The West 18th Street Fashion Show brings its creative talents to KC once again on June 11. The show, scheduled to start at dusk, will take place outside of The Bauer, with a precursory VIP party on-site starting at 6 p.m.


Model Eva Von Schlemmer wearing a metal cage dress designed by Zaid Farouki. // Photo by Chadwick Christopher

The theme is Summer Colosseum, with designers bringing their best Romanesque creations to the runway. Since the show began 22 years ago, its long history has ensured new dynamics and opportunities for creators from the fashion realm in the metro.

Peregrine Honig, a member of the West 18th executive board says, “It’s not really a fashion show, that’s just what we call it because it doesn’t fit under anything else.”

Relying on creative liberty from the artists, the show boasts something new every year. For the 2022 runway, Dubai designer Zaid Farouki is highlighted. While breaking the mold of expected fashion in the Middle East, Farouki has recently brought his designs to stages in the U.S.

Front-row tickets for the show are $100 until June 5, after which the price will rise to $120.

One-of-a-kind bags will be gifted to those in front-row seats, and garments from each designer are planned to be 3D printed to join a collection at the Kansas City Museum.

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