The Weary Boys

When Willie Nelson wears your band’s trucker hat onstage, you might just be on to something. The Weary Boys don’t dabble in biodiesel, but they do beg King Willie’s good graces when they sing their songs of universal struggles, reaching beyond contemporary country clichés. There’s even a bit of Buddy Holly and the Crickets and the Tennessee Three in the band’s latest LP, Jumpin’ Jolie, a self-released rabble-rouser of an album spanning bluegrass, rockabilly, Hank-proud country, and early rock and roll. The Boys even pack pocket aces when it comes to Cajun tunes such as “Jambalaya (On the Bayou),” with fiddler Brian Salvi waltzing around his wood with the grace of a slack-jawed Charlie Daniels. Convinced that they could parlay pocket change from Austin streets into a career, the Boys have been spreading their gospel at an alarming pace.

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