The Union of Westport closes for good on Saturday

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You’ll have to find somewhere else to burn up a dance floor, shoot pool and revel in the cheapest of cheap drinks in Westport after Saturday — the Union’s final day of business. 

“We were unable to get our lease renewed,” the Union’s general manager, Sonya Walker, says of the closing. “We tried fighting it in court and we lost. We lost that last Thursday, so we were given about nine days’ notice that we were done. There’s about 30 people who are without jobs.”

Walker is referring to the case of Blayney’s — the property at 421 Westport Road, where the Union occupies the basement — vs. Historic Trails Investments, whose registered agent (and Blayney’s landlord) is Brent Lambi. (Lawyers for the case declined to comment.) This comes in tandem with the news reported by The Kansas City Star on Monday that property-development group CAD Management had a pending purchase of Westport Square (a group of commercial properties on Westport Road, including the Union). 

“Everybody’s sad,” Walker says. “I get kind of emotional when I talk about it. We’ve all worked together for five years and functioned as a pretty tightknit family, and knowing that is over is really heartbreaking.”

Walker adds that Mistake Mondays, the free local concert series that the Union hosted, is moving to the Blind Tiger. From now until Saturday night, it’ll be “business as usual” at the Union. 

The Pitch has reached out to Lambi’s lawyer for comment.

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