The trouble with celebrity customers

Michael Jackson dines with Brooke Shields, 1991

​A couple of days ago, two young men I know were sitting in the dining room at Grinders — fuming. They later told me that it took more than an hour to finally get their lunch, and only when the waitress was setting down the plates did the explanation come out: The kitchen had focused completely on an order for celebrity customers, in this case, the legendary George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. The local customers weren’t sure whether members of the band were actually in the restaurant or whether it was an extra-large carry-out order. They do know that they waited an awfully long time for chicken wings.

But that’s what happens when a celebrity visits a restaurant. This isn’t New York or Los Angeles; when a serious celeb stops at a local restaurant — and we’re not talking local “stars” like Gary Lezak or Rochelle from Carpet Corners — it can upset the entire dynamic of a dining room.

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