The Top 10 most American things about Kansas City

In honor of the upcoming patriotic holiday, here’s our list of local people and places that, for better or worse, constitute hallmarks of quintessential Americanness.

10. George Brett. A hall-of-famer in the great American pastime, hero to many a baseball-loving kid, turns out to be insufferable in real life.

9. Kris Kobach. This UMKC law professor, former head of the Kansas Republican Party and current candidate for Kansas Secretary of State, made a name for himself in the classic American tradition of opposing a certain kind of immigrant.

8. Honeywell’s Kansas City Plant. The plant makes “non-nuclear components for nuclear weapons” (as if that “non-nuclear” specification makes our city somehow less a part of the arms race); it’s slated for a $673 million upgrade.  

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