The Tigger Movie


Although some purists don’t appreciate the way Disney has handled the beloved characters of A.A. Milne, most 4-year-olds seem to like the cartoon adventures of Winnie the Pooh and friends just fine. For that matter, most adults do too. This well-animated, gentle tale focuses on that hyperactive stuffed feline, Tigger, and his efforts to track down his elusive family tree. What he discovers, of course, is that a family is what you make it. Some of the subtle humor (especially from the sardonic donkey Eeyore) will be lost on the kids, but they’ll probably respond to the story’s sweet-natured sentiment. Don’t be too surprised if mom reaches for a hankie. Lively songs from the Sherman brothers (Mary Poppins) and well-voiced characters only add to the fun. It’s a shame that Disney doesn’t put the same kind of care into most of its live-action products. (G) Rating: 7

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