The table of condiments

It’s probably a fact: Your refrigerator has several jars of condiments, and you have no idea whether they’re still good. How long have those olives been in there? No clue, but you can’t throw them away because you might decide to have a spontaneous martini party. Wait, how do you even tell if olives are bad in the first place?

Enter the table of condiments, which is displayed like the periodic table of elements. It may not be original but it sure is useful. I swear I didn’t even look to see if olives were one of the options, but lo and behold, green olives are listed as condiment 37 — GO and have a shelf life of around nine months (pimento, listed separately, has a shelf life of nine months). So chuck those olives and that year-old jar of Miracle Whip.

Really, just print off the chart and stick it on your fridge. And note: These estimates tend to be on the very conservative side, so it’s probably safe to keep that yellow mustard more than six months.

Via Back Table. Hat-tip to Schaumby!

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