The subject is lunch on Central Standard Friday

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  • It’s better to order a great lunch than to pack one.

True story: As a child, my scatter-brained mother frequently sent me off to school with an empty lunchbox. And if there was, miraculously, something in the metal box, it might be two slices of bread with nothing between the slices – or a single piece of Oscar Mayer bologna or a pickle and handful of potato chip crumbs. And once, inexplicably, a dollar bill. “I thought you might buy a sandwich from one of the other kids in the lunchroom,” she later explained.

So after a practically Dickensian youth, culinarily speaking, lunch has never been been my favorite meal, even though I’ve eaten a couple of divine afternoon meals over the years. A local food blogger whose beat is strictly the noonday meal, David LaCrone of Kansas City Lunch Spots will be a guest panelist on Central Standard Friday this morning from 10 to 11 a.m. on KCUR (89.3-FM) hosted by Fat City’s Charles Ferruzza and featuring food bloggers Emily Farris (FeedMeKC) and Mary Bloch (Around The Block) and columnist Christine Becicka of Ingram’s magazine.

The call-in number, to nominate your own lunchtime favorites, is 816-235-2888.

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