The Ssion Tour Photos

Do you have a good Internet connection and a healthy amount of time on your hands? If so, you should check out the exhaustive, thorough, and above all entertaining series of photos the Ssion posted on their MySpace blog. All the photos are from their recent tour with Fischerspooner.

Even if you have no idea what’s going, who anyone is, or where they might be (although every photo is organized by tour stop), you’ll be entertained. The pics are just one huge post which will take the better part of five minutes to load. You also may want to beware that some photos might be construed as NSFW, as not all are constrained by decorum. In other words, these aren’t just snapshots of the band onstage. There are photos from parties, the van, backstage, in the crowd—everywhere the band went, the camera went.

As such, the photos feature the following, although not all in one single picture (although that would be amazing and perhaps violate the laws of time and space): partial nipple, pencil sketch wang, ladies in their undergarments, making out, and something I’m not sure how to describe other than “you can see some scant underpants through pantyhose.”

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