The Ssion Movie BOY Premieres This Week

You’ve learned how to paint your face like the Ssion wants you to.

You’ve seen what it looks like when hundreds of people join up, painted up like that.

Now you can see it all come together on the screen this weekend.

The premiere of the Ssion movie, BOY is at the Tivoli on Thursday at 7:30pm. The Grand Arts opening is Friday at 6pm. The Grand Arts show has an opening reception with a performance from NOISS, a SSION cover band, plus Casey Spooner (Fischerspooner) and Jeppe (Junior Senior) will be in attendance.

Ssion frontman Cody Critcheloe says, “it’ll be fun! PROMISE!”

That’s a PROMISE from the man who made the movie, folks. He parties with Beth Ditto. He knows fun.

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