The sound of getting your ass beaten: five great fight songs

Thanks to a complete lack of anything to do last night, I finally got around to watching Kick-Ass. Living the exciting life that we do as rock-star journalists, knee-deep in bitches and money, sometimes we get caught up giving back rubs to supermodels and don’t have a chance to watch movies until they’ve been out a while. (It’s just the price one pays for being internationally respected by the public and lusted after by men and women alike.)

Anyhow, while watching the movie, I was filled with childish glee as I watch Hit Girl slash and gut an apartment full of drug dealers, soundtracked by the Dickies‘ cover of the Banana Splits theme. It was like getting dosed with Pixie Stix and watching Saturday-morning cartoons all over again. Here are some other fantastic scenes of excessive violence made even better by well-chosen musical accompaniment.

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