The screwdriver is just the beginning

With a vegetable crisper full of oranges and a need to clear some room for the mountain of salad greens from a community supported agriculture membership, I turned to booze for answers.

And when it comes to finding a purpose for a half-dozen oranges, it’s easy to get stuck on the screwdriver. Just two ingredients (vodka and orange juice) create a cocktail that is good to great depending on the ratios, quality of either liquid and the number that has imbibed.  

Screwdrivers are essentially the gateway cocktail to the world of adult orange drinks. I can’t go back to camp to get orange drinks; but I can put a little bit more thought into my screwdrivers.

The easiest way to doll up a screwdriver is to add Galliano — an Italian spirit with vanilla and anise flavors. The screwdriver then becomes a Harvey Wallbanger. The drink was said to have been invented for surfer Tom Harvey by legendary bartender Donato “Duke” Antone in the 1950s’. The drink tastes like it is from that era, but in a comforting, wake up on the porch swing the next morning kind-of way. 

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