The Return of Feel Sexy

We’ve been hearing murmurs that local DJ, jazz trumpeter, R&B singer, webcaster, label manager and agent provacateur Miles Bonny might be reviving his popular Feel Sexy dance party, and now we know it’s true. This Saturday, April 18, Feel Sexy bursts back into fruition at the Firefly Lounge in Westport (4118 Pennsylvania).

Running for a year and a half in its first incarnation, at the now-closed Hangout, Feel Sexy was the go-to night for people who prefer music that’s more eclectic, diverse and less mass-produced than the stuff at the club but that’s still danceable. “It’s more Pharrell/D’Angelo/Prince/James Brown/Aretha than Britney/Flo Rida/Jamie Foxx/Leona Lewis,” explains Bonny.

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