The Reserve is serving up a great Burger Week burger

There are hamburgers and there are Pitch Burger Week hamburgers: fabulous $5 burgers available at 14 different metro restaurants through October 26.

If you haven’t already made plans to sample at least one or, more likely, three of these special burgers, you might want to take a look at the particulars of this event, which runs the ground-beef gamut, from super-fancy to home-style — and all for a five spot.

French fries are included in some but not all the featured $5 meals. At the Reserve, in the Ambassador Hotel (1111 Grand), an extra side of fries — truffle fries or sweet-potato fries — cost an extra $4. But they are very good fries and appropriately stylish for the hefty sandwich that Irish-born chef Shawn Brady created for Burger Week. It’s made from a blend of Creekstone Farms ground chuck and brisket, mixed with chopped portobello mushrooms and grated Swiss cheese. The fluffy brioche bun is flecked with chopped peppercorns, but it’s not too peppery, and the mushroom and Dijon cream sauce is deliciously subtle. It’s almost too big to eat at one sitting: I took half of mine home for dinner.

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