The red-light camera money suck

Awesome report on the red-light cameras possibly costing Kansas City money by KMBC Channel 9’s Micheal Mahoney.

Mahoney’s reporting showed that the city isn’t pulling in as much money from the tickets as it thought it would, and there’s a huge ass backlog of tickets in muni court. It’s so bad that the police have to pay officers overtime to review the tickets. And here’s the part that will make you cringe:

City Council member Deb Hermann said, “All those projections of money

for the city have disappeared. But somebody is making $45 a camera.”

The city budget director, Troy Schulte, said that most of the income

from the fines are going to the vendor, American Traffic Solutions.

If the cameras are costing the city money — and causing accidents, like Hermann says — why do we have them? Good job out of you, Kansas City.

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