The Record Machine

Kansas City’s the Record Machine is releasing 10 albums in 2009, and the label will showcase three of its recent signings when Perhapsy (Nashville, Tennessee), Capybara (KC), and Sam Billen (Topeka) share the stage Wednesday. Perhapsy’s new self-titled album is an adventure in dense and winding instrumental music from guitarist Derek Barber, formerly of the Winston Jazz Routine. Evoking acts such as Unwed Sailor and Sufjan Stevens, Barber puts his jazz-guitar chops to work on cyclical song structures that sound like an indie-rock response to Philip Glass. Capybara won’t long be an unknown commodity with its jittery, percussive, freakout folk pop. No xylophone is safe when the foursome takes the stage with at least as much pep as Arcade Fire and with songs that are way more fun than anything on Neon Bible. Billen cut his teeth with the lovable underachievers known as the Billions; here’s hoping his solo career is as good as his sentimental songwriting chops.

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