The Record Bar’s Janelle Mead on how to make an Edelweiss

The vibe at the Record Bar is relaxed and Janelle Mead has the easy motion of a relaxed bartender. On a Friday afternoon, everyone in the bar seems there to do two things — sip a drink and meet up with somebody.

“You come here for the people. I live in Liberty and make that drive. I love my bosses,” says Mead.

This October, she’ll have been at the Record Bar for two years. She spent seven years before that slinging drinks at The Classic Cup.

“For me, it’s about being creative with what is already behind the bar,” says Mead.

Janelle’s manning the taps during the day on Monday to Friday. If you want a specialty drink, request the mystery shot.

When Fat City asked her to invent a drink, she drew inspiration from an Elderflower Liqueur from St. Germain she’s been using for cocktails this summer. 
“This is a really refreshing drink. I didn’t just want to keep using raspberry vodka when somebody came in asking for a sweet drink,” Mead explains.

The recipe’s after the jump.

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