The Raven bookstore opens their window to customers for walk-up service

Raven Window

The Raven Bookstore making a limited return to in-person book sales through its new walk-up window. // Image courtesy of the Raven Bookstore

After over a year of operating only online and through contactless curbside sales, the Raven Bookstore is returning to in-person sales again through the store’s new walk-up window.

Through the new window east of the store’s main entrance, customers can pick up their online orders in-person or talk through what they’re looking for with booksellers. It will be open when the weather allows it and will remain an option for customers until the bookstore moves into its new home at 809 Mass St.

This new window is one of the many ways the bookstore has adapted in a year of standing up to Amazon and operating as a local business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Owner Danny Caine says the idea for the walk-up window came from observing the tools other local bookstores across the country have implemented as they’ve gotten creative in finding ways stay in business.

He isn’t sure when the bookstore will officially reopen for in-store customers again, but as he and the store’s booksellers get vaccinated, he says this window will be a safe opportunity for them to interact with customers the way they used to again. In a busy year of focusing on online sales and processing orders, that’s something they’ve missed.

“It’s really the fun part of bookselling, getting to know the customers and talking about books and that kind of magic that happens between bookseller and customer,” Caine says. “We’re really grateful for all the support and we’re super thankful to be so busy but it can be exhausting and it’s a lot of work. So we’re looking forward to saying hi to everybody again.”

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