Raven Book Store in Lawrence moving to new downtown location


The new location of the Raven at 809 Massachusetts Street. // Photo courtesy of the Raven Book Store Twitter account.

In a tweet today, the Raven Book Store announced that they will be moving locations in 2021 to a new downtown Lawrence storefront at 809 Massachusetts St. The new space is still in the process of being renovated, and does not have a set opening date yet.

Their new location has signs in its windows during ongoing construction that read: “Wouldn’t this be a great place for a bookstore?” and “Good thing this is the future home of the Raven Book Store. Same old Raven in a great new space, coming sometime in 2021.” These signs are an homage to the paper signs that read “Wouldn’t this be a great place for a bookstore?” put up by founders Pat and Mary Lou in the windows before opening their current location.

The Raven Book Store opened in 1987 as a mystery-specialty bookstore, but over the years has added new specialty collections to their stock. It is a beloved staple of Lawrence and has accrued a following for its small business advocacy, in particular, speaking out about the challenges Amazon brings to operating a locally-owned bookstore.

You can support the Raven Book Store by purchasing books from their website, where they offer curbside pickup and delivery in the Lawrence area, as well as USPS shipping to anywhere else. You can find their Twitter account for more updates below.


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