The Quivering

A ball of kinetic energy that reaches critical mass several times a set, the Quivering is the newest entity in KC’s grinding noise scene. Featuring Andrew Luker and Jesse Dalton of the late Marching Powder, the Quivering draws heavily from the sounds of its mother band. It creates dense, instrumental noise attacks heavy on the dance beats, which it savagely couples with caustic, metal-influenced guitar squeals. The band is still in its formative stages, having not solidified its lineup. At a recent show, local noise maven Grant “Kid Dropper” Corum (of Curse of Dick Wilson and I Don’t Do Gentlemen) lent vocals and freakouts to the mix. Be prepared for more raucous guest action at this show, unless the band has resolved its personnel woes. Either way, pulsing beats and ear-shattering chaos await anyone willing to participate in the art-kid noise circus. — Nicholas Seider

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