The potential healing power of blue M&Ms

​A recent study by the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York shows that a food dye may aid in recovery from spinal cord injuries.

Brilliant Blue G — the dye used to create blue M&Ms — might block the release of a chemical that kills healthy spinal cord cells in the first few hours after an injury. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a molecule that acts as a fuel for cells, but in the moments following an injury, a rush of ATP cells are sent to the injury site, overwhelming and killing healthy nerve cells.

Scientists believe it’s the body’s attempt to deal with a traumatic injury that may lead to lasting effects like paralysis. BBG’s ability to block ATP from binding to neurons may aid in recovery time. In lab tests, BBG introduced intravenously seemed to help injured rats recover faster and more fully. One of the apparent side effects is a blue tinge to the eyes and skin.

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