The Pitch’s Secret Menu: Brats to-go at Affäre

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5-pack of to-go brats. // Courtesy Affäre

It’s no secret that Martin Heuser’s artisan bratwurst regularly land on nearly every best sausage list in town. His brag-worthy brats are made in-house using traditional German recipes and local meats. (Chef Heuser is such a fan of his German heritage, he’ll occasionally even sport lederhosen in Affäre’s kitchen. We’ve seen it. It’s a thing.)

At the restaurant, Chef Heuser’s famed brats are on the menu as a Brat Trio served with mustard, sauerkraut, red cabbage, and bratkartoffeln. 

But—shhhhh!—we’ll let you in on a secret about some of the city’s most-beloved brats: there’s an off-menu, to-go option for those in-the-know.

Affäre keeps a stash of 5-packs of assorted sausages on hand for those eager to take links home. To get your hands on some, you just need to call ahead and place an order for pickup. Or tell your server when you’re dining in at the restaurant. 

The variety pack includes the German classics: Thuringer (coarsely ground pork, marjoram, caraway, and spices); smoked Thuringer (finely ground beef, coarsely ground pork); smoked Cabanossi (Angus beef brisket, pork, paprika, and spices); Currywurst (finely ground pork with mild curry spices); and Bavarian Weißwurst (finely ground pork with sea salt, parsley, and spices).

Perfect for a tailgating bash or backyard barbecue, the brats are fully cooked and only require a brief warm-up on the grill. (Hint: we’d stock up before the two upcoming Chiefs games—just sayin’.) Each artisan brat 5-pack sells for $15. If you want to add house-made sauerkraut, red cabbage, or cold spaetzle (to reheat), you can order it for $6 per pint.

Affäre is located at 1911 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64108. They are open Wednesday through Sunday from 4-9 p.m. They are closed Monday and Tuesday.

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