The Pitch’s scavenger hunt made us fall in love with Kansas City all over again

Enjoy The Little Things Team Mighty Murts At The National Museum Of Toys And Miniatures

“Enjoy the little things.” // Courtesy Team Mighty Murts

Update: The Pitch‘s Scavenger Hunt is back May 12-15, 2022. Get ready to bust out those super-sleuthing skills again and get your team ticket here!

From September 17-19, The Pitch hosted our Fall Scavenger Hunt, and Kansas Citians showed up to suss out some of our town’s greatest mysteries. Where does the flying pink pig live when it’s not soaring through the skies? Who is the man on The Paseo with a patina? What museum can you run around in and feel like Godzilla? 

We sent our super sleuths to some classic locales, some new favorite hidden gems, and even a couple of secluded glens out in nature to enjoy the autumn air. But we told them: “Pics or it didn’t happen.” To prove that they had really solved our riddles, they had to take team photos at each location, yielding some shots that are nearly Nelson-worthy.

We owe a hearty congratulations to Team The New Dorothys for being the grand champions of the whole game! With almost 40 teams racing against each other to win $500 and swag bags full of goodies from our sponsors, the competition was tight. While The New Dorothys might have solved the most clues and won the tie-breaker, there are some honorary mentions to be had. Team It’s Always Saucy in Kansas City had shirts made. Team KC Margaritaville ended their search with a skinny dip and a huge bottle of margarita mix. There was a team named “Flossy Pussies.” Enough said.

Look, we could sit here and make jokes all day. But we’re going to shut up because each of these pictures could pretty much make up the next Visit KC ad.

Check out this gallery of photos from the scavenger hunt!

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