The Pitch Questionnaire with KCnext’s Ryan Weber

Name and occupation: Ryan Weber, president of KCnext

What is KCnext? KCnext – the Technology Council of Greater Kansas City is a nonprofit organization that serves as the regional advocate for the tech industry, supporting more than 75 technology-company members in the Greater Kansas City Area. KCnext is committed to growing the existing base of technology firms, recruiting and attracting technology companies, aggregating and promoting regional IT assets, and providing peer interaction and industry news.

Hometown: I spent most of my childhood in Olathe, but I was born in Salina. I had a brief stint in Oklahoma but was young and have vague memories of red dirt.

Current neighborhood: West Plaza

Who or what is your sidekick? Bruno, my giant yellow Labrador

What career would you choose in an alternate reality? Chef! I love to cook, and I worked in a few restaurants growing up. But I couldn’t “stand the heat.”

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