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Please, we like to exist. Help! // Illustration by Katelyn Betz

In the pre-COVID times, there was nothing I loved more than walking into a local business and seeing you read The Pitch “in the wild,” as I call it.  I’d spot you in coffee shops or bars, restaurants and parks—usually with a beverage or a snack nearby. I could tell you were learning something new, discovering something to do, or making a note to visit a new place.

I don’t get to enjoy that luxury anymore; I don’t see you pick up this thing we work so hard to put out every month. I’m limited to your social media comments, or occasionally, a note from you. 

When we started our membership program this spring, it was part of a multi-prong approach at cutting costs, and saving local journalism for this 40-year-old publication. And cut we did—anything and everything off of our already lean operation. But the one thing we vowed not to cut was our unapologetic coverage of Kansas City, made possible by our valued team of journalists who work around the clock to get the news to you wherever you digest it.

Readership support—and our Adopt a Business program—was critical to floating us through the past six awful months. I cannot thank you enough for your support. And as I forecast into 2021, I know we are going to continue to need your financial support. I wish our small, local media business could sustain itself on advertising alone, but the reader, we got hit twice. First with our own direct losses—all of our events that we cannot host right now, and then with the losses from local businesses that we once relied on for revenue. It’s the economic churn and burn of small businesses in 2020.

I’m proud that we’ve been able to limp on without having to cut a single member of our staff. I look at those faces of The Pitch team in their little Zoom boxes every Monday morning, and I am inspired to fight for them, for journalism, for a free publication that can unite all of Kansas City, even if we don’t always agree. 

And so, I ask for your help to ensure you can continue to rely on The Pitch as your source for news and information about all things Kansas City. If you agree that continuing The Pitch is important to the tapestry of Kansas City and providing you with unmatched reporting on current events, I hope you will chip in what you can today.

This September, we have set a goal to get 1,000 members to chip in $10 a month. This contribution helps keep journalism local—and it helps The Pitch continue to tell the stories that are hard to tell, the stories that uncover and dive deep, and the stories that bring hope to our community.

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And please know that we are not putting all our eggs in any one basket again. If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that every single penny counts, every single loss hurts, and every single new idea for ensuring our future is worth exploring.

We are not out of the woods, but with the city embracing our 40th birthday, and recently our Best of KC celebration, I am hopeful for the next 40 years this unparalleled publication can bring. We just need your help.

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