The Pitch has new owners

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Friends and readers,

Some exciting news today: The Pitch has new ownership.

When you pick up a copy of our December issue off newsstands—or if you’re a supporting member and got a digital copy in your inbox already—you’ll notice some changes to our masthead.

Our publication has been around for 41 years, serving the people of this wonderful city. It hasn’t always belonged to local ownership, and for bringing it back to KC, we will remain endlessly indebted to Stephanie and Adam Carey. For the last four years, they’ve kept an alternative news publication alive—through a pandemic that shuttered our community advertisers and cancelled two years of our signature live events.

The Careys are moving on to new adventures. They’ll always be family, and you’ll certainly still see them around.

So. Who owns The Pitch now?

It’s a group of folks who thought that KC would be a lesser place without the voice and presence of The Pitch. That initial board includes supporters from the area: Mat Moody, Steve Chase, Tom Wilbur.

And me, Brock. Alongside my wife, political journalist Vivian Kane.

Yes, we’re as surprised by this turn of events as you are.

If you’re a reader of The Pitch, you probably already know more about Viv and I than you ever signed up for. [And you can probably name our cats from memory.] Now, that couple you’ve gotten to know over the last few years is gonna take a turn at the wheel.

Our plan for 2022 is to double down on what we do best.

The Pitch newsroom is going to expand, and by extension our coverage of what matters to you and the city.

The magazine will expand with more pages, more writers, more voices, more weirdos, and more of what you’ve always loved about our scrappy journalistic endeavor.

For those of you who are supporting members, you’ll be seeing new rewards, including home delivery of the magazine and special access to our 2022 live events.

Most importantly, we’d like to know what YOU want from The Pitch, as we reinvent ourselves yet again. Let me know directly at I’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking forward to showing you what comes next, in our 42nd year.

Thanks, as always, for reading!

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