The Photography of Stephen Shore, 1968-79

Stephen Shore’s documentary-style photographs color the familiar and the everyday with a personalized and almost diaristic aesthetic, imbuing the banal with a striking sense of humanity. More than 150 images make up this exhibition and include Shore’s celebrated series Uncommon Places, documenting America of the late 1960s and early ’70s. The American vernacular emerges through Shore’s images of parking lots, apartment buildings, crossroads, motels rooms, and restaurants in large cities and desolate byways. In total, the exhibition includes more than 150 color-infused images taken by one of the most influential American photographers (at age 23, Shore had a solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, only the second living photographer to do so). The exhibition has been organized by the Aperture Foundation, New York, NY.

Feb. 22-May 18, 2008