In 1940, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences inaugurated the Best Original Screenplay category, its members had no idea that they were creating it for Charlie Kaufman. Love him or hate him,
one cannot deny that Kaufman — from
Being John Malkovich to Synecdoche, New York — operates on a plane that he alone occupies. One will never find a more mind-bending, audaciously original body of work. (Even his Best Adapted Screenplay nominee, 2002’s aptly titled Adaptation, was the most original script of that year.) Tonight at 6, the Main Library of the Kansas City, Kansas, Public Library (625 Minnesota) presents a free screening of 2004’s tale of love and mind-erasure, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, for which Kaufman finally, rightfully, received the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. (Memo to Jim Carrey: Could you please, please always be this brilliantly understated?) The film is rated R. For more information, see or call 913-551-3280.

Tue., March 23, 6 p.m., 2010