The only informative April Fools’ Day joke is a podcast about the smells in Disneyworld

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Courtesy Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz is a lovingly crafted podcast that tells the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds. In each episode, host Dallas Taylor dives deep into topics like the NBC Chimes, Muzak, Sounds on other planets, Siri, Movie Sounds, and tons – tons more. Every show stands alone and reveals something about the world that you’ve probably never thought about.

How did they mark April Fools’ Day this year?

The foremost podcast on the world of sound became Twenty Parts Per Thousand, a “smellcast” that reveals the many powers of scent. For the special episode, they visit the place most indulgent to our senses: Disneyworld.

As you’ll quickly notice, this piece is no joke, and just as expertly produced as anything else host and sound designer Dallas Taylor has done on Twenty Thousand Hertz. You will legitimately learn how seriously Disneyworld develops, designs and deploys scents through its attractions and resorts; you’ll hear conversations with a former New York Times perfume critic; you’ll discover the extremely precise work of a perfumer, the difficulty of creating an oceanic scent, the benefits to synthetic ingredients, and why the work of olfactory artists deserves more credit.

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