The new Kansas City streetcar logo looks like a backyard electric smoker

There’s finally a name for the KC streetcar: they’re calling it “KC Streetcar.”

That’s the big news coming out the Kansas City Streetcar Authority’s meeting on Thursday in which the board approved a branding package for the downtown transit line, brought to the city by Westport marketing firm Willoughby Design (which got paid $80,000 for its work).

It includes a logo that looks like an alien ship, a barbecue smoker or a streetcar coming down the tracks, depending on if you’re paranoid, hungry or needing a 2-mile lift down Main Street when you look at it.

“The name ‘KC Streetcar’ is simple, intuitive and universal, giving Kansas City a place among the best transit systems in the world,” said Streetcar Authority Board Chairman Tom Trabon in a press release issued by City Hall.

It’s funny seeing Kansas City’s transit system described as being among the best in the world, but there you have it.

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