The Music Showcase Schedule, Updated

The countdown has begun for next week’s Pitch Music Showcase — the 34 bands, $5 affair you’ve been hearing about that is going to rock you into a coma. Schedules have been printed up and are already making their rounds ’round the city, but I wanted to announce that there have been a couple of lineup changes.

First, download and print this year’s Handy Pocket Guide.

Then, go and find a Sharpie marker and scribble in the following changes.


8 p.m. Rockesh Namelessnumberheadman


9 p.m. Dri The Noise FM

We’re sorry Dri and Rockesh won’t be able to make it, but we heartily and enthusiastically welcome talented newcomers the Noise FM and fantastic old comers Namelessnumberheadman to the show!

We’ll keep updated if the schedule changes further.

Follow the jump if you want the instant gratification of seeing the whole lineup in black and white. It’s going to be a hell of a night, for sure.

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