The mind behind tape label Overland Shark — which hosts Parts of Speech and Casey Burge — speaks up

Overland Shark is a relatively new music label operating out of — you guessed it — Overland Park. The roster of releases — only on tape cassette and digital download — includes Minden frontman Casey Burge and local smooth groovers Parts of Speech. The Pitch recently caught up with founder Andrew Hueback by e-mail to discuss the joys of tape, the sorrows of CDs, and the balance of balance.

The Pitch: What was the genesis for Overland Shark?

Andrew Hueback: Honestly, I moved into a house in Overland Park and started a personal blog to post photos of my cat and the occasional jazz/funk cassette rip. The musicians I’ve worked with so far are all close friends of mine, and I’ve always thought it was strange that their music — which means so much to me — was a secret only I seemed to know about. Slowly, the site began to focus on that, and eventually I saw the opportunity to realize a goal I’ve always had, to have a music imprint. The name carried over, which is probably my least favorite part about all of this.

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