The Maya: Calendars and Cuisine

Let’s party like it was 2012, okay?

No, they’re not selling copies of the Mayan Calendar — you know, the one that ends in 2012, which some people (but not everyone) believe heralds the end of the world — in local stores, next to the hunky New York City firefighters calendar or the Kim Kardashian calendar. But the prophesies of the Maya are scaring people to death — and inspiring new films like the upcoming Roland Emmerich world-goes-boom movie 2012.

But the Mayans changed the world’s eating habits — can you imagine modern life without chocolate and vanilla … and avocados? — as this excellent feature from the San Francisco Chronicle explains. “Lost among the laurels heaped upon the Maya,” writes Christine Delsol, “is credit for their agricultural wizardry. When conquering Spanish started carrying Maya food staples back to Europe and to the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, it changed the world’s eating habits.”

(Image via Flickr: B-Cru)

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