The Kansas City Artists Coalition is helping artists dream big

Kcac Art Auction 2020

A view of the 150+ original artworks that were donated by local and regional artists to the 2020 KCAC Art Auction. // Photo by Kirk Decker

The Kansas City Artists Coalition (KCAC) was created to change the lives of artists living in Kansas City, Missouri and the region. KCAC is an artist-centered, artist-run alternative space that presents a variety of exhibitions of contemporary artists’ work in its Main Gallery and the Snap Space Gallery. They are constantly working to support artists at every stage of their careers and thus the pandemic, while sudden and in many ways unexpected, has not fundamentally changed how they engage and support their artists. They are opportunity makers that allow artists to dream big and grow their careers without risk.  

During the pandemic and citywide shut down, KCAC pivoted all their exhibitions and programming to virtual platforms. They worked to gather resources and information specific to each artist to see how they could support them. For their studio tenant artists, they raised enough funds to provide all 10 of their artist tenants free rent for four months to allow them continued safe and stable access to their studio spaces so they could focus on creating artwork and generating needed income from art sales during that time. The gallery reopened to the public in June with mask requirements, contact tracing, and timed tickets. They continue to maintain all of their virtual programming to date. Collectors, patrons, and artists have the opportunity to access art in a way that is most comfortable and appropriate to their needs at this time. Exhibitions are on view in person or in a virtual walking tour each month.

Ribbon Cutting At 3200 Gillham

Ribbon cutting on September 12, 2019 at the opening of KCAC’s new Midtown location. // Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Artists Coalition

This year, KCAC partnered with Imagine That!, an arts organization that provides art studios to creative individuals with developmental disabilities. Imagine That! submitted the work of Parker Levi, one of their participating artists, to the Exhibition Call and Parker was selected by KCAC for a solo exhibition in our Emerging Artists Gallery—the Snap Space for the month of July. From the start, Parker showed such enthusiasm and energy for the opportunity and experience of having his very first solo exhibition at an established art gallery. From the day of his Opening Reception to the last day of his exhibition, Parker was in the galleries with guests touring his show and talking about his works as a whole and individually. With his commitment, diligence, and enthusiasm he made his show a huge success with all but two of his works sold by the last day of the exhibition.   

Print League Kc Demo At Kcac

Print League KC Demo at KCAC where the art of screenprinting was demonstrated to guests. // Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Artists Coalition

Between January 20 and February 24, you can enjoy a preview of over 150 artworks for the 38th Annual Art Auction. Artworks are donated by local and regional artists to ensure the KCAC mission of supporting artists at every level of their career, can stay strong for another year. All proceeds from the Auction goes to help fund operations, exhibitions, and programming for the KCAC. For more information on this year’s Auction visit: 

If you are interested in a general donation at any level, support gives hundreds of artists a year the ability to grow their practice and gives thousands of patrons a safe and welcoming space to learn about art. If you would like to make a donation please visit:

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