The Jets are the Chiefs’ Ghost of Christmas Future

  • The Chiefs will be haunted by this one for a while.

An opportunistic defense. A solid running game. A quarterback who makes enough plays to help said running game. These are all of the attributes that the Chiefs seemingly prize — and all the attributes that the Jets displayed on Sunday in a 37-10 win.

This was the game that even a die-hard Chiefs’ fan would have trouble sitting through to the end. If you left the television before the Chiefs’ lone touchdown in the fourth quarter, than you missed commentator Dan Fouts’ line of the game as he called Tyler Palko’s pass to Jerheme Urban an “our father” (the churchy cousin to last week’s Hail Mary against the Bears). Welcome to what you hope is a glimpse of the Chiefs’ Christmas future, a wake-up call that the Red and Gold need a paradigm shift.

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