The Gaslights

“Silver Ring” by the Gaslights

The Gaslights certainly live the country-song life, weathering vehicle breakdowns, van break-ins, emergency surgeries and lineup instability. But judging from the fiery material on 16 Addresses, the band’s three remaining original members would rather brandish broken-off bottles than cry in their beers. Abigail Henderson, whose voice pairs rich twang with husky volume, snarls the phrase I’ll never be your pretty little thing with enough corrosive disdain to stop the roughest roadhouse hecklers cold. Guitarist Chris Meck opens smoldering ballads with surf-style shivers, cuts country-rock songs in half with crisp solos and ends the standout track “Silver Ring” with a solid minute of ringing lead. Drummer Glen Hockemeier maintains a steady marching pace, shifting to a stomp when the group’s raucous honky-tonk numbers reach a boil. 16 Addresses kicks like a boot with blood-stained spurs, and the Gaslights make no apologies for their aggression: I’m not easy, Henderson sings, nothing worth much ever is.

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