The Force Is Strong With These Two

My Milky Way Arms has a forthcoming album entitled Lightsaber Circuit Breaker. Chase Hill, recording under the name “Space Kill,” is the one-man force behind My Milky Way Arms. The record is a bunch of Star Wars-ian “crystal operas.”

Space Kill stumbled upon a pile of elaborate glistening crystals, each one producing a specific frequency. To Space Kill’s utter surprise, these crystals were simple in nature to manipulate, and when one crystal was struck against another, the oddest of sounds was produced. Space Kill was soon arranging and composing symphonies in the comfort of his newly discovered fortress of solitude. Once he felt comfortable with his knowledge of these bizarre crystals, he began transposing these songs into super tweaked electronic versions of the original crystal operas.

How full of Star Wars reference is it? I heard “light speed” and “tractor beam” in “Fillenium Malcon,” but dude’s got a high-pitched voice and there’s a lot going on in there, so that could be the extent of it, or just the tip of the geek-laden iceberg.

MP3: My Milky Way Arms, “Fillenium Malcon”

The cool-as-hell cats at Cartoon Network made a promo video for the next season of the Clone Wars. It features an all-right song that’s kinda pop-punky, but the guy’s guitar has a fucking LIGHTSABER coming out the end. This trumps Harry & the Potters a million times over. It’s called “Jedi Song,” and you can watch it below.

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