The First Friday Haps: Kasey Rausch, Olympic Size, Organic Proof and more

It’s such a nice day outside, y’all know the Crossroads is the place to be in just a few hours. If you’re looking for so sounds to go with your art, drop by Midwestern Musical Co. at 19th and Locust for art by Sarah Brecko and music by Kasey Rausch & Friends and the Sunflower Colonels.

There’s no live music at Git Hagan’s opening at the Brick (1727 McGee), unless I’m mistaken, but it’s worth stopping by. Later on, Namelessnumberheadman and the Klangs get it on.

Starting at 9 p.m. at Crosstown Station (1522 McGee), Brandon Draper and his band Organic Proof and DJ/jazz trumpeter buddy Miles Bonny are getting together for an evening of jazzy, funky sounds.

The mellow rock band Olympic Size is busking about all night, playing a series of “sneak attack” outdoor shows hither and yon in the X-roads, beginning outside the Czar Bar (531 Grand) at 5 p.m. 5 in front Czar Bar then moving to the Bulldog (1715 Main) at 6. Yes, it would be rude to honk if you drive past them.

If you know of more going on in ‘n about the Crossroads, post it!

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