The Farewell Drifters’ ‘Modern Age’ is your Folk Alliance International Song of the Day

The International Folk Alliance Conference & Winter Music Camp comes to KC February 19-23. To get you geared up for the folk blowout, every day we’re posting a song we like by one of the event’s showcase artists. 

It had been three long years since Nashville’s the Farewell Drifters last released a full-length album, until late this past January, when Tomorrow Forever was finally revealed to the world. And the 12-track collage of folk and Americana rock was well worth the wait. The lead single of that album, “Modern Age,” is one of those songs that gets to check all the boxes: addictive, jangly pop hooks, sing-along lyrics, a theme we can all identify with (desiring to leave the past behind)…. all that, plus an electric mandolin. You can’t go wrong with these boys. 

For more information on the FAI and the upcoming conference, go here.

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