The Faint

Few bands will readily invite a dude sporting a mohawk and a wife beater to kick their ass. Then again, not many bands are as universally loved and loathed as the Faint. Which is why the geniuses at drop have provided an outlet for those who find the group’s grinding synth-pop to be so many carefully manicured black fingernails on a chalkboard. But that hasn’t stopped the Faint from shaking even those asses that would like nothing better than to kick theirs. You can’t help pumping a fist to the band’s spastic dance-party-in-a-smelting-plant songs, even if you’re flipping off the band’s pseudo-punk pretentiousness with the other hand. Now if only somebody would invent a Dropkick the Dropkick Murphys game, the circle of life would be complete.

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