The Download: New Paul Westerberg MP3s

Paul Westerberg isn’t going to give his music away for free, but he doesn’t mind cutting a deal. Last year, the former Replacements frontman issued 49:00…Of Your Time/Life for 49 cents. The collage of covers was pulled from Amazon and Tunecore (the only two distributors that agreed to sell it at that price), a week after its release due to licensing issues. Check out a track from the now-extinct album below, courtesy of Bradley’s Almanac.

Westerberg’s latest bargain came out on Tuesday and this time he’s playing it safe. Download the D.G.T. EP at for a measly 79 cents. The three track collection features the new title track and a couple of couple of renditions from the public domain.

MP3: Paul Westerberg, “The Devil Raised a Good Boy,” 49:00…Of Your Time/Life (Dry Wood)

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