The Download: New Bran Flakes MP3s

Sample-happy producers the Bran Flakes released their sixth full-length yesterday. From the label site:

Formed in 1992 amidst tape and zine trading scenes, The Bran Flakes already have seven releases of zany mashups and poppy audio collages that are more likely to cop a riff from Evel Knievel than anything on the current radio dial. Six years since their last release, they return with the absurdly entertaining I Have Hands.

The Illegal-Art online store has decided to let listeners pay what they want, including zilch, for the MP3 version of I Have Hands, as well as the label’s previous releases from cut-and-paste artists Steinski and Girl Talk. Download the LP at the link above and check out the video for “What It’s All About” below. Turns out it wasn’t the Hokey Pokey after all.

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