Kemet the Phantom, The Delazers, Young Bull, and more: April’s must-see local music videos

Spring has sprung, and summer is on the way. As we dry out from last week’s deluge and start another work week, why not take a look at these videos that define the amazing swathe of music that looks at the hottest newness (the Delazers), icons (Tech N9ne) and back at some classic live footage (the Gadjits). It’s this month’s Cine Local.

Logic & Tech N9ne, “Freestyle Backstage”
April 10
Two minutes of backstage banter that takes a cool idea — Logic and Tech N9ne talking flow — and really turns it into a master class regarding hip-hop flow. It’s this amazing thing where the two artists break down  what it takes to spit the way they do. It’s baller as hell but also strangely educational.

The Gadjits, “House show in Omaha 1/27/02”
April 12
In 2002, the Gadjits were set to perform at the final show for Omaha’s Cog Factory. The venue was closed a little earlier than expected, so they ended up playing a basement instead. There are a few other Gadjits live shows from Omaha that have recently made their way onto YouTube, courtesy of the Punk Rock Archive of the Midwest, but this is arguably the best.

Young Bull at the Replay
April 12
Young Bull is fast becoming the hotness in Lawrence’s rejuvenated rock ‘n’ roll scene. This set saw the group playing with Altered Beast and Gomorrah, and for those who’ve only listened to its demo, the live show is where it’s at. The band combines the energy of old-school punk rock with hardcore intensity, and damned if you don’t feel like doing some spin kicks of your own.

The Delazers, “Pambazo”
April 21
Somehow, this up-close video of someone making a breakfast sandwich manages to be the perfect visual accompaniment to the instrumental hip-hop duo’s cut. If you’re a fan of the likes of RJD2 or DJ Shadow, this is the sort of head-nodding track that taps you and just lets you bob along for a couple minutes. Bonus: If you check out the video page for this, there’s a recipe for the sandwich you see made.

Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy, “Habit of Being”
April 25
The title track to the trio’s new 7-inch gets a “silly drunken music video.” It’s kind of like spying  on a party wherein everybody’s had too much to drink. This is the fun kind of excess, wherein everybody’s dancing and doing silly things, but before anyone starts breaking stuff. Check out some more videos after watching this one for some other recent Willis cuts, as well as solo live footage.

Kemet the Phantom, “Get Out (The Streetcar Song)”
April 25
We completely understand that this is a video to promote the city’s new downtown streetcar line. If throwing promotional dollars at an artist results in videos this slick and songs this cool, then maybe all the construction has been worth it. Hopefully. Maybe. All we know is that the Pharoahs need to back more tracks.

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