The Conductor Club’s Jaws pop-up bring Amity Island directly to your jaws

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Amity Island pop-up. // Photo by Anna Perry-Rushton

The Conductor Club above Pierpont’s in Union Station is a small and cozy pop-up experience that always delivers big and bold cocktails. This summer, welcome to Amity Island—the home of the Jaws franchise. 

Upon checking in, you are guided to an elevator that takes you up to the third floor, where you are greeted by palm trees, tiki umbrellas, and the skeleton of a not-so-lucky sailor who got eaten by a shark. But don’t let that scare you. The only shark attack you will experience is the interactive drink “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat,” which is served in a large glass bowl with gummy sharks swimming about. Your server will take the fake shark and plunge it into the drink, spilling all sorts of blood… er, I mean grenadine. The Conductor Club is known for its array of themed interactive drinks and immersive decor.

Amity Island is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until July 1. Reservations last one hour, so if you’re like me and want to try everything, book yourself for at least two hours if possible. Visit their site to reserve your spot. There is a $5 fee per person ($3 of every reservation is donated to the Union Station Preservation Fund).

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