The Caves

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Andrew Ashby always wears his big ol’ bitter heart on his flannel sleeve as he fronts resident tear-in-your-beer rock and rollers the String and Return. But when he started writing material for solo gigs, his songs took on a sunnier, more resigned approach. “The Caves emerged out of the quieter, less-crowded acoustic songs I had been working up,” Ashby tells us. His new band is named after a couple who long ago dissolved their union, but Ashby isn’t alone, having surrounded himself with some of the scene’s richest talent. Laurel Morgan (In the Pines) and Chris Braun (the Hearers) lend their sweet and tender strings to Ashby’s vocals and guitar, and drummer Jake Cardwell (the Belles) and bassist Dave Gaume (Stella Link) hold down the low end. Standout number “The Usual” will make even the most jaded love fool snap along.

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