The Carper Family’s ‘Foolish Ramblin’ Man’ is your Folk Alliance International Song of the Day

The International Folk Alliance Conference & Winter Music Camp comes to KC February 19-23. To get you geared up for the folk blowout, every day we’re posting a song we like by one of the event’s showcase artists. 

Introducing Austin’s the Carper Family. The bluegrass trio share no blood and no last name, but they play together so seamlessly that they might as well have come from the same womb at the same time, instruments in hand. In 2012, their debut record, Back When, received an Independent Music Award for Best Country Album. The Carper Family is highly regarded for their energetic live performances, and in their session on the Prairie Home Companion, they make the music look easy. 

For more information on the FAI and the upcoming conference, go here

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