The Brannock Device

With an aesthetic that gyrates wildly around the nexus of harmolodics and punk, the Brannock Device has been making each moment count for 15 years, and such fierce experimentation has recently taken on new colors. First, the band brought aboard one of Kansas City’s most accomplished and fearless guitarists, Marco Pascolini (of Mr. Marco’s V7 and Expassionates), to take the trio’s mad science into new realms. Now the band has added to its lineup singer-songwriter Elaine McMilian, known as much for her solo work as for her vocal contributions to bands such as Swingin’ 6 and Easterday. McMilian’s generally sweet and sultry style finds a breathtaking new edge with the Device. That alone would guarantee an unforgettable night, even if Howard Iceberg and the Titanics and the Grisly Hand weren’t also on the bill.

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