The Blood Brothers

Terrorism has quite a stigma attached to it these days. But aural terrorists — the Blood Brothers for instance — are incredible to watch as they destroy and redefine what it means to confront your audience with hardcore punk. Native sons of peaceful Seattle, the Brothers bring one of the most in-your-face live shows around. There is no middle ground. You either love them and their agenda or are driven into hiding by their sonic jihad. The band’s latest album, Burn, Piano Island, Burn!, is filled with math blasts that swerve into frightening, chaotic dirges before dive-bombing into jazz, dub, pop and whatever else the Brothers decide to put their grubby little fingers into. Put a couple of Iggy Pop doppelgangers with nasal screams and nails-on-a-chalkboard shrieks on top, and you’ve got a powder keg that, when the smoke clears, will leave you panting in ecstasy or running away in fear.

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