The big dogs of hot dogs

This past Saturday at high noon, as the temperature started to climb into the 80s, a crowd of a hundred or so gathered in a tent on the east side of the Sam’s Club parking lot at 135th Street in Overland Park. Here was where dreams were achieved but also shattered as 13 contestants gathered for the Nathan’s hot dog regional contest.

The winner would move on to the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International

Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island on July 4.

Emceeing was George Shea. Wearing his trademark sports coat and skimmer hat, Shea stoked up the crowd as if this were a once-in-a-lifetime contest — even as he admitted to the crowd, “We have the production values of a high school play.” 

As the contestants took the stage, each to his own theme music, the crowd roared.

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