The best jabs of the Missouri Senate debate

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill faced off with Republican challenger Rep. Todd Akin and Libertarian candidate Jonathan Dine in their first debate this morning in Columbia. It was the first time that McCaskill had spoken directly to Akin since his “legitimate rape” debacle began to dominate the campaign in August. And the showdown was surprisingly civil.

McCaskill was by far the most aggressive candidate, her voice often rising, and often referring to Akin pointedly by his first name. Akin, however, spoke rather softly throughout and focused mostly on promoting his ideas rather than attacking the incumbent despite several apparently easy opportunities. Some news analysts questioned why Dine was even present at the debate. And although he sounded a bit robotlike with his responses, he did a solid job representing third-party hopes and gently poking at both major parties for Washington gridlock.

It was a debate that lacked a game-changing moment or another what-the-hell gaffe, but we’ve compiled the best moments after the jump.

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